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Primitive Medicine Vol. 2 - Now Available!

listen to the album here:

Primitive Medicine - Cover without Burst.jpg


"Reuniting with friend Carlos Santana and joined by Blues harmonica virtuoso Charlie Musselwhite, Santana founding member Michael Carabello reaches simultaneously into the past and the future of latin music on his latest offering, Primitive Medicine, Vol 2 – a 21st century exodus into new musical territory firmly rooted in its rich cultural past, with Conquero extraordinaire Carabello leading his band of intrepid explorers as they cut a fresh path across the musical landscape."

-Music journalist and author Joel Selvin


"Now in 2022, Michael brings us Primitive Medicine, Vol 2, including three unique and forceful instrumentals featuring musicians including Carlos Santana and Charlie Musselwhite. Each track brings its own story, rhythm, and spirit that when woven together takes the listener on

a compelling journey."

-Gabriel Nansen


" For the best part of his storied half century of recorded music, Carabello has been part of collectives and/or a featured side person playing for the most part music composed by others and with others. There have been exceptions most notably, of course, with his time with Santana in the late 1960s-early 1970s, but occasions where we the public have gotten to experience and appreciate the fullness of Michael’s vision have been relatively limited.

In Primitive Medicine, Vol 2, percussionist, composer, and band leader Carabello takes no solos and plays a clearly supportive role in this recording. And yet, he is a star-he is the star-of the proceedings because it is his vision and imagination, his daring, and leadership that inform every aspect of this recording and it is his joy which permeates everything. This is Carabello doing Carabello."

-Hal Miller


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